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The Ainsty (2008) Internal Drainage Board was formed on 1st April 2011 with the amalgamation of the Marston Moore IDB North Wharfe IDB, South Wharfe IDB Acaster IDB and Appleton Roebuck and Copmanthorpe IDB. The Foss (2008) IDB is a Member of the Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA).

The Ainsty (2008) IDB being made up out of the following Districts -

Marston Moor District

This Disrict is in the Vale of York and lies in its south-west quadrant extending to Little Ouseburn, in the north, to Wetherby and Walton, in the south. The old Board was originally made up of three original Boards -
Marston Moor, Ouseburn and Ainsty IDBs

North Wharfe District

This District has two fingers. The first is relatively thin following the River Wharfe from West Ings, through Tadcaster, to a location to the south of the Thorpe Arch Estate near Wighill, the site of the World War II munitions factory. The second, more broader - almost shaped like the letter "Y" - follows a line past the ancient village of Bolton Percy to Oxton, Steeton and Catterton before splitting with one leg heading towards Askham Richard and the other Wighill and Walton Wood.

South Wharfe District

This District lies to the south of the River Wharfe. Its boundary lies just south of Tadcaster, to the west of Cawood and although it lies to the north of Church Fenton it takes in much of the old Church Fenton Airfield.

Acaster District

This District is long and thin in shape, lying within the Vale of York. Its northern boundary is the southern half of Bishopthorpe, a village to the south of York, whereas its eastern and southern boundaries are the Rivers Ouse and Wharfe.

Appleton Roebuck and Compmanthorpe District

This District surrounds the communities of Appleton Roebuck and Copmanthorpe. All the drainage of the District discharges into the Fleet (Old Foss) which then outfalls into the tidal River Wharfe.

District Marston Moor Acaster North Wharfe South Wharfe Appleton & Copmanthorpe
Constituted May 1905 April 1932 Before 1954 October 1948 January 1934
Area 9,708ha 1,350ha 1,784ha 2,264ha 1231ha
Length of Maintained Watercourses 149km 24km 45.3km 36.13m 32km
Area of Agricultural Land 8,397ha 1,261ha 1,725ha 1,990ha 1,200ha
Area of non-Agricultural Land 1,311ha 89ha 59ha 274ha 31ha
Number of Pumping Stations 2 1 0 0 0
Area Dependent upon Pumping 435ha 20ha 0ha 0ha 0ha
Towns and Villages in and around the District Angram
Askham Bryan
Askham Richard
Great Ouseburn
Green Hammerton
Hutton Wandesley
Kirk Hammerton
Little Ouseburn
Long Marston
Moor Monkton
Nether Poppleton
Nun Monkton
Thorpe Underwood
Upper Poppleton
Acaster Malbis
Acaster Selby
Bolton Percy
Newton Kyme
Church Fenton
Kirby Wharfe
Appleton Roebuck

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Ainsty (2008) Area Map

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