Ouse and Derwent Internal Drainage Board -

Board Members

1 November 2015 to 31 October 2018

Member Member Status  
Mr K Atkinson Elected District 1
Mr J R Bramley Elected District 1
Mr R E Britton (Chairman) Elected District 1
Mr J Daniel Elected District 1
Mr I Ellwood Elected District 1
Mr J Hopwood (Vice Chairman) Elected District 1
Mr B Smith Elected District 1
Mr W A Jacques Elected District 2
Mr M Jewitt Elected District 2
Mr A Dear Elected District 3
Mr K W Terry Elected District 3
Cllr Mrs E Casling Nominated Selby District
Cllr J Cattanach Nominated Selby District
Cllr J Deans Nominated Selby District
Cllr K Ellis Nominated Selby District
Cllr B Marshall Nominated Selby District
Mrs McSherry Nominated Selby District
Cllr R W Bramley Nominated City of York
Cllr J Brooks Nominated City of York
Mr A Vevers Nominated City of York
Mr S Wragg Nominated City of York

The Board currently has the following vacancies:

  Number of Vacancies
District 1 (Elected)
District 2 (Elected)
District 3 (Elected)
Selby District (Nominated)
City of York (Nominated)

The current number of elected members is as follows:

Rating District Maximum Number of Members
District 1 – Ouse & Derwent
District 2 – West Derwent
District 3 - Cliffe

At present the maximum number of members that the Charging Authorities can appoint are as follows:

Charging Authority Maximum Number of Members
Selby District Council
City of York Council

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